EGFr in rat e17 kidney: FFPWS using Abcam ab32077/52894/40815 ( top to bottom)


Positivity seen with top two images( ? total EGFr?) is similar: a subset of tubular and also interstitial positivity.

However, using ab40815 ( phosphorylated- lowest image) there is clear membraneous positivity in transitional urothelium ( central feature) and, I assume, collecting ducts?

Hey…comments, please.

Histonet is BIG so….look at images/add images  and please help in gaining a better understanding


EGFr in human TR146 buccal epithelial squamous cell carcinoma line : FFPWS using Abcam ab32077


Antibody should be further diluted ( used at 1/400)

Cells were both scraped or trypsinised ( in case enzyme altered signal), spun down. Resuspended in 10 % Formalin O/N at RT.

Spun down, rinsed/resuspended  in TBS.

After another spin, cell pellet was resuspended in HMP Agarose at 50C and then immediately spun down at 4K for 5 mins.

Agarose gel containing pellet was processed to Pwax conventionally.

Is this positivity specific?

It appears to be identical to that seen using ab40815 and also ab52894

Sure, one sees membrane positivity.